Diversity and Inclusion 101: Taking an intersectional approach to wellness

Fitness is for everyone! 

It's no secret that the fitness and wellness industry has a history of centering on and catering to a predominatly white audience, disregarding issues of diversity and inclusion, representation, and intersectionality. Fitness is not just for thin, white women. It's for everyone!  

Fitness and wellness go far beyond exercise and nutrition. Mental, emotional, and spiritual health are equally important. All of these aspects of wellness have a direct impact on physical health. We can’t adequately take a holistic approach to wellness without addressing the intersection of race, gender, and body size (among others) and how these things have the capacity to prevent some people from feeling safe in their bodies and welcomed in wellness spaces.  

This webinar will explain the basics and also discuss special considerations for creating safe, diverse, and inclusive wellness spaces.

Wellness spaces are missing the mark!

I started writing about the lack of diversity and inclusion in fitness and wellness spaces because of my own personal experiences. I was frequently in spaces where there was little to no representation of people of color or other marginalized groups. 

Since then, I have continued to talk about this topic, writing for a myriad of online platforms about the intersection of race and fitness and the need to approach fitness through an intersectional lens. 

For many people, this may be an entirely new consideration. While it may feel easier to keep these considerations out of our practice, creating inclusive fitness spaces requires that we discuss racism as well as a myriad of other -isms that inevitably negatively affect our clients. 

I'm continually getting messages and emails from people asking me how they can learn more and work to create a more diverse and inclusive fitness space. I created this 101 webinar to provide you with the basics. 


Fitness is for everyone! As such, we have to work to create diverse and inclusive wellness spaces (in person and online) that feel welcoming and safe for individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. This course will cover a number of considerations to ensure that we are doing just that.


This is a nuanced conversation, and there is a lot to learn. This is a process that will expand beyond the scope of this introductory course. However, I will equip you with tools, resources, and immediate actions you can take to put what you learn into practice.


This course is for anyone working in wellness spaces ranging from bloggers to personal trainers. It's for anyone who is interesred in serving all of their clients and helping them pursue wellness from an intersectional approach.

If you are interested in learning the basics of creating diverse and inclusive spaces, while getting the opportunity to ask questions and walk away with some action steps to put into practice, sign up now! 


Hi, I'm Chrissy!

I'm a writer, speaker, health and strength coach, and a powerlifter with a passion for intersectional feminism and creating a diverse and inclusive fitness industry.  

 I empower women to stop shrinking, develop strength in all areas of their lives, #TakeUpSpace, and use their energy to create their specific magic in the world.

Diversity and Inclusion 101: Taking an intersectional approach to wellness.