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Anti-Racism for Wellness Professionals: How to Show up Better


101 Crash Course covering anti-racism practices for wellness professionals

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We'll Cover:

  •  Examining white supremacy, racism, and bias in your own life and the ways in which you are being complicit
  •  How to actively hold yourself and the fitness industry accountable for making it a space that demands justice for ALL bodies
  •  Resources to educate yourself on the intersection of racism and wellness
  •  How to show up better and embody anti-racism practices year round - not just when it's prominent in the news and media
  • Steps to create actual change within the wellness industry

Hi, I'm Chrissy!

I'm a writer, speaker, fitness and strength coach, and an advocate for anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, and equity in the wellness industry.  I've been featured in SELF, SHAPE, BuzzFeed, Muscle and Fitness, and Livestrong, among others. 

This class is uncomfortable, but it's also 100% necessary. Confronting racism in our own lives and in the world is never easy, but I promise, you can do hard things. Upon purchase, you will receive a immediate access to the course in addition to pre-work and post work.

Collectively, we can change the landscape of the wellness industry. This is the first step.

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"I took Chrissy King's Anti-Racism for Wellness Professionals and it was fantastic and I want to recommend it for all wellness professionals. In the 20 years I've been working in the public health and wellness space, your course is probably on the most important ones I've ever taken. I truly mean that. I can't wait to take your D&I course next "

- Jaunessa

"I just want thank you for an incredible eye-opening, educational and empowering course. I attended today's webinar and I am feeling so much gratitude and deep admiration for you. You are doing work that is actually bending history in the right direction and educating all of us along the way. There are no words that make justice to how helpful your course was for me. So I will stop here and say, THANK YOU!"

- Leticia

"Chrissy King is an incredible teacher. Just finished her anti-racism in the wellness industry course. Grateful for the opportunity to learn from her."

- Miriam

"This was amazing. AMAZING. Chrissy King is a fantastic teacher. To say I learned so much from her is a huge understatement. I will be jumping at every chance I have to learn from her in the future.

- Brenda